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Provider Manual

This manual is a reference and source document for network mental health and substance abuse providers and facilities participating in the CBHA program. It contains all relevant program policies and procedures and accompanying explanations and exhibits.

CHBA views your continued independence, clinical freedom and success as essential to the program's effectiveness. The better each network provider understands the program and the way it is designed, the greater the likelihood of success. This manual is intended to help maximize the value of the program for you and your patients. This manual is updated as experience with the program, enrollees and network providers dictate. Quality issues are continuously monitored to determine areas needing improvement.

This manual is designed to clarify the various provisions of the Network Professional Agreement you have already signed. It is considered to be a part of that agreement and to operate as a unified whole and does not create new or different requirements. In the event that a conflict is ever found to exist between the provisions of this manual and the agreement, the agreement shall take precedence.

Open the Provider Manual. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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