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In today’s unstable economy, enlightened employers recognize that a mentally healthy workforce is the most important productivity weapon in an intensely competitive market. Untreated mental illness attacks the very heart of the workplace: productivity, creativity, self-management, motivation and teamwork.

Employers offer comprehensive behavioral health benefits because they:

  • Believe that the mental health of employees is crucial to company success
  • Recognize that mental health and substance abuse problems are common in the workplace
  • Understand that early intervention and continuing treatment can effectively address
    these problems
  • Know that investing in the mental health of their employees will produce
    long-term savings by reducing health care costs, increasing productivity, and
    decreasing absenteeism

The mission of Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance (CBHA) is to ensure that employers get the optimum value from their behavioral health benefits by making sure enrollees have ready access to quality providers and that care is provided at the least restrictive level. It is our goal to keep your employees mentally healthy through prevention, wellness and prompt access to quality treatment when needed. CBHA assures employer’s health care dollars are spent efficiently and effectively through utilization review processes based on evidence-based medical necessity determinations for each level of care.

CBHA understands that one of the greatest challenges for employers is to provide affordable health care for employees. In order to retain a competitive workforce, companies must look for ways to maximize the health and well-being of their employees and improve productivity while controlling cost. With the passage of the mental health parity bill, the importance of management of behavioral health benefits has never been greater.  It is essential that self-insured employers use vendors with behavioral health expertise to assure that their behavioral health benefits are cost effective and managed appropriately.

Established in 1996, CBHA is dedicated to providing superior service to our clients and exceeds in providing prompt and personal attention, flexibility, cost-savings, and accountability through accurate and timely reporting mechanisms. Our services are easy to understand and can be seamlessly integrated with other vendors.

A competitive and profitable business must have a mentally healthy workforce. CBHA can assist you in achieving this most important productivity weapon.


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