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About Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance (CBHA)

Welcome to Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance, LLC (CBHA). We are a provider owned managed behavioral health organization dedicated to quality behavioral health care. CBHA strives to ensure that enrollees receive quality care, that providers have the resources to provide this care and that the benefit is used effectively and efficiently. Being owned by three not-for-profit medical schools enables CBHA to provide quality services at a competitive rate. Its relationship to the academic medical centers is aimed at improving the delivery of behavioral health services to the citizens of North Carolina and parts of South Carolina through research and education. Ultimately, our motto is “to do the right thing for the right reason.”

CBHA is owned by Wake Forest Baptist Health, UNC Health Care, and East Carolina University.

Mission Statement

The mission of Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance is to assure access and exceptional value in behavioral health services and benefits for its clients. Reflecting the best tradition of academic medicine, we seek effective outcomes provided in a dignified and confidential manner.


The goal of Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance is to facilitate and ensure that our members receive the most efficient and effective mental health and chemical dependency treatment available and that their benefits are used wisely.

In order to achieve our stated goal, CBHA has established the following objectives for our enrollees:

  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Quality of care at the most appropriate level
  • Easy access and rapid assessment
  • Emergency services available 24/7
  • Timely outpatient appointments
  • Access to focused and goal-oriented treatment
  • Crisis stabilization
  • Access to multi-disciplinary care
  • Responsiveness to individual needs and confidentiality
  • Ongoing treatment outcomes monitoring
  • Preventive measures and educational programs
  • Ongoing monitoring of enrollee satisfaction


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